What they’re saying about Sababa…

“Sababa is going to take the contemporary Jewish genre by storm. In their own right, Robbi, Scott and Steve have helped define the landscape of Jewish music. Together… the sky’s the limit! How do I join?”
Jon Nelson, recording artist, Yom Hadash & Nelsongs

“A powerhouse trio–Robbi’s  beautiful harmonies, Scott’s masterful musicianship, and Steve’s  outstanding songwriting.”
Rabbi  Larry Milder, recording artist

“I have schpilkies! Nice harmonies, wow!
Herb Belofsky, drummer/producer/songwriter

“Mazel tov on your long awaited shiduch! Your music puts the Rock in the Rocky Mountain Chai! May you three muses continue to lift up our spirits here in the land of elk and honey and everywhere the Jewish soul longs for reJewvenation!”
Rabbi Eliot Baskin, D.Min., Denver Jewish Community Chaplain

“Scott, Robbi and Steve bring a wealth of Jewish experience, serious talent and perhaps most importantly, an abundant love of Jewish music and the Jewish people. They are a force with which to be reckoned!”
Sam Glaser, recording artist and producer

“The combination of unique talents and limitless energy Steve, Robbi & Scott as Sababa! bring to the Jewish music scene will have you rockin’ and praying at the same time!”
Cantor Marty Goldstein, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Denver, Colorado

“Utilizing a straight forward, no-nonsense approach and distinctive harmonies, Sababa is truly one of Jewish music’s coolest rockin’ trios.”
Mark Bloom, recording artist

“Steve, Scott and Robbi are each talented, sensitive musicians. Their collective work will surely be exciting!”
Josh Nelson, performing artist (The Josh Nelson Project, Yom Hadash)/Producer

“Sababa is…… sababa! Three great people making great music… Who could ask for anything cooler?”
Craig Taubman, recording artist/producer

“Sababa…not just the blending of three musical friends, but a beautiful blend of infectious and meaningful melodies…just the right blend of Hebrew and English to help the listener better understand our liturgy. A collaboration worth listening to.”
Judy Caplan-Ginsburgh, recording artist

“When gifted musicians come together to form one unit, it reminds us of the great talent we have in this world. It provides us with rare moments when all the sounds we love come together to form one larger sound. When Sababa sings and plays together, they create a huge sound.”
Joe Eglash, founder and former owner of

“You guys are doing some beautiful stuff; keep it up!”
Cantor Jeff Klepper, Jewish music legend (Kol B’seder), Massachusetts

“I got your new CD a few weeks back and I love it.  I’ve been listening to it in my car all the time and I am mixed with pride and jealousy about how beautiful the album is.  You and Scott and Steve are a great trio and I am proud of your work. Mazel Tov on such a fantastic production.”
Rabbi Neal Katz, recording artist

Pray for the Peace is truly an example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. The individual parts, mind you, are excellent: Robbi, Scott, and Steve are each talented, accomplished musicians and songwriters in their own right. The songwriting and the production values on this CD are of the highest quality. But it’s those beautiful 3-part harmonies that truly take Sababa! to another level. Sababa! is the “Crosby, Stills, and Nash” (circa 1969) of the Jewish music world today.”
Cantor Martin Levson, Springfield, MA

“Your glorious CD is always in my car. It is FABULOUS!”
Stacey Singer, Jewish Educator, Denver, CO

“I loved it. I especially liked the singable chorus to Love Adonai. I was incredibly moved by how each of you contributed a distinctive share, yet the group came together beautifully. The harmony work is stellar. And the writing was consistently fine. Scott’s production was great and I thought Steve’s vocals were the best yet.”
Doug Cotler, Grammy-Award winning recording artist, Calabasas, CA 

“I especially love the production. The band sounds great. The harmonies are tight.  All of your voices sound strong. Robbi’s voice sounds better than ever, and of course, Brodsky’s voice makes me melt. Just hearing his voice my shoulders relax. Scott Leader on keys was VERY cool to hear. The whole production, your arrangements and keys sound brilliant and perfectly placed throughout the CD.”
Julie Silver, recording artist, Santa Monica, CA

“Yes, yes, yes! Thank you! What a glorious celebration of Crosby, Stills and Nash-like harmonies! Yasher Koach! You guys must be great in concert. Can’t wait to play with you! I just can’t get that “Love Adonai Your God” out of my head. Help! Somebody please sing Wild Thing!”
Noah Budin, recording artist, Cleveland, OH

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