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It’s All Good

It’s here and It’s All Good! Steve, Scott and Robbi have once again broken the mold in the contemporary Jewish music scene with this new album of 13 new, outstanding, original rockin’ songs. Superb production by one of the leading producers of Jewish music today (Sababa’s own Scott Leader), It’s All Good features steel drums, a gospel choir, burning lead guitar riffs, smokin’ sax, heart-wrenchingly beautiful string arrangements, songs in three languages and of course, Sababa’s signature tight multi-part harmonies and outstanding songwriting. From campfires to healing services, the sweetness of Shabbat to the beauty of life-cyle events, It’s All Good will inspire you to embrace the words, the faith and the heart of Judaism. Order your copy now!

CDs are $15.00 each + shipping:


Track List and Sample Clips

Click on the “play” arrow above any song title to hear a sample clip.

1. It’s All Good

2. Beauty of the World

3. I Saw God

4. Adonai S’fatai

5. Ani T’filati

6. For Healing

7. Mi Chamocha

8. Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem

9. Barcheinu

10. Darkest Time of the Night

11. Hinei Mah Tov

12. Hu Ya’aseh

12. Havdalah Sweet

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Mar 28
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