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Shalosh Cover 250pxShalosh

“Shalosh” is the Hebrew word for “three.” “Shalosh” is also the title of our third album of contemporary Jewish music, featuring 12 exciting new tunes that showcase our signature style: spirited songs rooted in Jewish texts and traditions. Impeccable multi-layered harmonies. Virtuosic musicianship and state-of-the-art studio production. Catchy, memorable melodies that are highly usable in camps, schools, and on the bima.

We invite you to take a listen, and if you like what you hear, buy an album… or three.

Find the Shalosh lyrics, liner notes, and album credits HERE

Listen to sample clips from Shalosh

IAG coverIt’s All Good

It’s here and It’s All Good! Steve, Scott and Robbi have once again broken the mold in the contemporary Jewish music scene with this new album of 13 new, outstanding, original rockin’ songs. Superb production by one of the leading producers of Jewish music today (Sababa’s own Scott Leader), It’s All Good features steel drums, a gospel choir, burning lead guitar riffs, smokin’ sax, heart-wrenchingly beautiful string arrangements, songs in three languages and of course, Sababa’s signature tight multi-part harmonies and outstanding songwriting. From campfires to healing services, the sweetness of Shabbat to the beauty of life-cyle events, It’s All Good will inspire you to embrace the words, the faith and the heart of Judaism. Order your copy now!

Listen to sample clips from It’s All Good

Pray for the Peace

Pray for the Peace is the stunning award-winning debut recording from Sababa. This long-awaited collection features twelve original songs in Hebrew and English. Sababa’s writing style reflects a refreshing mix of influences ranging from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen to James Taylor, and their impeccable multi-part vocal harmonies are reminiscent of Loggins and Messina, The Eagles, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Top-notch musicianship and state-of-the-art production make Pray for the Peace a recording you’ll listen to again and again.

Listen to sample clips from Pray for the Peace

Sheet Music

Selected titles of Sababa sheet music are now available! Choose your title from the drop-down menu below, add the item to your cart, and proceed through the check-out process. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll email you the piece or pieces you purchased.

To order more than one piece, select the first title, click “Add to Cart,” then from the shopping cart page click “Continue Shopping” to return to this page and add additional pieces.

Currently available:
From Shalosh:
Adonai Oz – $5.00
  L’cha Dodi – $5.00
  We Remember – $3.00
  Precious Possession (I’ll Give You My Time) – $5.00

From It’s All Good:
It’s All Good – $4.00
Beauty of the World – $3.00
Adonai S’fatai – $2.00
Hu Ya’aseh – $4.00
For Healing (in English, Hebrew & Spanish) $4.00

From Pray for the Peace:
Love Adonai – $3.00
Pray for the Peace – $3.00
Ma’ariv Aravim – $4.00

More to come soon!

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  • David Rushberg Says:

    So, when is the next CD coming out?

  • Lisa Says:

    Hi. I just ordered the sheet music for Love Adonai. So excited! Since your web site didn’t ask for my email, here it is:

    Thanks so much.

    Shabbat shalom,


  • Mindy Says:

    Awesome concert with us {Kol Ami choir} erev Shabbat 5/1/15. We loved hearing you, being WITH you, and singing together. Thanks for having your CD’s available too… I just paid for the 3 took on the honor system 🙂
    Hope to see you again soon, here on the east coast!

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