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Mar 27
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  • Margaret Collins Says:

    Just hearing you for the first time. You have a wonderful sound! I would like to order your C.D.’s, but I do not like ordering from the net (it’s an age thing I guess).
    Am I able to order the good old fashion way, via the mail? May I have an address and a check to you?
    Many blessings.
    Margaret Collins

  • Robbi Says:

    Thanks, Margaret! Yes, you can order by mail. Contact Steve Brodsky at, let him know which CDs you wish to order and how many, and he will reply to you with the mailing address. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the music!
    Robbi Sherwin
    for Sababa

  • Jerry Lewis Says:

    Great playing with all of you on Saturday for Havdalah. Love the music and the CDs. Come back to Temle Beth-El soon. Great playing with you .

    Jerry Lewis

  • rich Says:

    Love your music. It reminds me of the Folk music from my youth. The 60’s were a pretty good time.

    When are you coming to Ft. Worth again?

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