Sababa is Steve Brodsky, Scott Leader, and Robbi Sherwin

341_Sababa_22Sept2012.nefWe are Sababa: three musicians from three different time zones, playing three different instruments and singing in intricate three-part harmony. We are three friends, grateful for the opportunity to make cool Jewish music for thousands of people in dozens of communities across the country. We are three composers and performers, humbled by the privilege of sharing amazing interactions with new friends and fans who have welcomed us into their synagogues, their schools, their homes, and their hearts. And we are three travelers sharing a musical journey, blessed by the personal connections we’ve made and the sacred moments we’ve shared that are powerful, moving, and deeply meaningful.

Check out our individual bios below.

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Steve Brodsky

Steve Brodsky has been a singer, songwriter, Cantorial Soloist, and music educator in the Jewish community for… well, let’s just say it’s been a long time. Steve was an advisor and song leader for the National Federation of Temple Youth’s Missouri Valley Region, having grown up deeply involved in Jewish camping, youth programming, and Jewish music. His original songs are widely used in synagogues, camps, and youth groups across North America.  Steve was a founding member of the seminal Jewish band Mah Tovu, with Rabbis Ken Chasen and Yoshi Zweiback from 1991 to 2007, releasing their first recording “Jewish Rock and Roll Singer” (1992), two very popular full-length CDs, “Only This” (1996), “Turn It” (2001) and a CD single of their huge hit, “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”  (1999).   His music has been featured on numerous compilations of the best in contemporary Jewish music including Ruach 5761: New Jewish Tunes and Ruach 5763: New Jewish Tunes (both from Transcontinental Music Publications), and Celebrate Kids and The Best of the Celebrate Series (both from Craig n’ Co). Steve’s “real” job is Music Director and Cantorial Soloist of Congregation  Emanuel in Denver.

Steve lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Jill, and sons Benjamin and Ari. Don’t miss Steve’s “Shabbat Unplugged” musical service at Denver’s Temple Emanuel, now in its 18th year.
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Scott Leader

One of the most in-demand and highly regarded music producers in the Jewish world, Scott Leader is also songwriter, performer and cantorial soloist.  An accomplished pianist, Scott began his career as a song leader for NFTY while growing up in New Jersey, mastering his second instrument – the guitar. Scott holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Arizona State University and degrees in Science and Judaic Studies from the University of Arizona.  While an undergraduate, he taught music at Temple Emanu-El in Tucson with friend and music partner, (Cantor) Billy Tiep. As energetic song leaders in the Reform movement, they played across the US as a duo and were soon joined by fellow Greene Family Camp song leader, and future Sababa partner, (Cantor) Robbi Sherwin.  Scott taught science and music at the Austin Jewish Academy in Austin, TX; was director of Camp Isaiah in Los Angeles; became cantorial soloist at Temple Sinai, Denver, CO; and now serves as the music director of Temple Gan Elohim in Phoenix partnering with Rabbi Tracee Rosen.  Scott’s solo discography includes “Lift my Eyes” (2003) and “Gates” (2006).  Scott owns and runs Brick Road Studio in Scottsdale, a high-end recording studio, drawing clients of all genres from around the world. He is married to Nadine Banker.
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Robbi Sherwin

Rockin’ Robbi Sherwin is known for her uncanny energy and collaborative attitude and  hails from “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas. A former Air Force brat, Robbi was brought up one of only a handful of Jews in small towns all over the U.S. She’s been a NFTY songleader, professional baker, singing telegram deliverer, waitress, breastfeeding educator and still remains an energetic instigator. Rabbi-Cantor Robbi serves as the spiritual leader of the Wood River Jewish community in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho, just completing 11 years with Congregation B’nai Butte in Crested Butte, Colorado.  There she has popularized the “Mountain Minyon” (Shabbat services on skis at 9,800 feet!) and alpine Torah hikes, fostering an attitude of high-altitude gratitude wherever she goes.  Robbi is in high demand across the US as a rabbi/cantor and artist-in-residence, specializing in congregational songwriting and retreats. Her two CDs of original Jewish music, “Todah LaChem” (Thanks, Y’all! 2000)  and “Aish HaKodesh” (the Holy Fire 2004) continue to be favorites around the world, with her music sung in both Jewish and non-Jewish venues. Robbi’s music has been recording by many other artists and has been featured on the international releases (Voices for Israel II), won international Jewish songwriting contests (Shalshelet: the Foundation for New Jewish Music), and she continues to bring Jewish artists together to create holy and fun moments.

Robbi’s life-long dream is to sing with Paul Simon (NOT the Senator – the other one), but she’s pretty excited about creating great music & ruach with Steve Brodsky and Scott Leader. Robbi is married to “the long-suffering” Mark Jordan, and has two daughters, Jessica & Katy, and  one son, Sam, and one awesome son-in-law, Chris and one perfect granddaughter, Kinzie!
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Who is Sababa!?

Steve Brodsky, Robbi Sherwin, and Scott Leader, three well-known contemporary Jewish music composers and performers, have decided to blend their unique styles, energy and harmonies to create some exciting, new Jewish music!

There is a lot of Jewish music out there, what makes Sababa stand out?

There are some great Jewish bands, and as “collaboration mavens,” Steve, Robbi & Scott have played with most of them. It is a tightly-knit community and we all support each other. Steve has been compared to James Taylor, with his honey-smooth voice and great guitar skills. Robbi is known for her legendary energy and spirited Jewish song crafting as well as being one of the only female Jewish rockers around! Scott is an amazing pianist (and guitarist and flutist and bass…and…and…) He’s one of the hottest young composer/musician/ producers on the scene. Their NFTY songleading backgrounds built a strong foundation for their mutual love of spirited, meaningful, singable, moving Jewish liturgy and music. More than simply a concert band, the SababaMates are also all professional Jewish educators, who love to come into a community and make each event an interactive, inclusive, spirited and spiritual music experience. In their short time together, Sababa has won numerous awards, been published several times and had many other recording artists covering their songs.

Is a Sababa concert expensive?

Not at all, we love creating and building community through music. We will work with you and your local musicians and choirs – “babies to bubbies! –
to make your musical event a fun and affordable experience for everyone. Click here to contact us and find out how to bring Sababa to your community.

  • Community Concerts
  • Retreats and Shabbatons
  • Life- Cycle Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Day School/Religious School Programs
  • Adult and Youth Programs

I’m interested… how can I hear your music?

You can listen to samples of all songs from our award winning CDs: Pray For The Peace, and It’s All Good, and our newest release,  Shalosh.  These pages also include links to order our CDs directly from us, with secure payment through PayPal.

Our CDs are also available from and CD Baby, and digital downloads can be purchased from CD Baby, oySongs,  iTunes, Sounds Write Productions and wherever great Jewish music can be found!

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  • Ike Says:

    Listened to Sababa live twice this weekend @ Temple Micah and at the Boulder Jewish Festival. Lively group, highly entertaining. I don’t know how they could belt it out at this high altitude, but they were great!

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